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KPIs for a better future

“Plans are nothing, Planning is everything” Dwight Eisenhower 1957 My 21-year-old daughter came home a few months ago and proceeded to abuse me as follows: “I think you guys are all a bunch of assholes.  You have raped the planet and are now leaving it for us to clean up.  Nice work.” There is a lot to ponder in this short, but accurate, tirade: Our ability to plan for a world that can sustain all of us is ineffective, and is proven so on a daily basis. Similarly, our ability to manage our own population is poor, at best....

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Why people matter. Regional policies for national prosperity

The Canterbury Region offers extraordinary opportunities for sustainable prosperity which can only be realised through appropriate policies and thoughtful management. Our goal should be “sustainable prosperity” – a community where cultural, social, environmental and economic objectives can be achieved together, over time, for the benefit of current and future generations. Cantabrians are endowed with land, water and renewable energy. We live in a stable, educated, participatory democracy. The endowment comes with the obligation to use these natural and institutional  resources wisely – to cultivate not plunder, to conserve not waste, to develop not exploit and to enhance not degrade...

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