The Committee for Canterbury is looking to encourage the conversation about what an increased population would mean for our region. However, we know that there are a number of excellent organisations and individuals leading similar discussions around the country (and the world) at the moment. We’ve rounded up some of the leading commentary below – all opinions are those of the authors/publications and in no way a reflection of the Committee’s views.

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Why councils want to keep a lid on their population growth – Pattrick Smellie

OPINION: Towards the end of next month, a group of chief executives from some of New Zealand's largest companies will get on a plane together for a week-long study tour of Switzerland's model for local government. The field trip is a testament to a five-year effort by...
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Seeking a sustainable finance plan for the UK

As part of its involvement in CUSP, the Aldersgate Group is launching a one-year project to understand how to increase private investment in green infrastructure. In this blog, research fellow and project lead Alex White explains how we will be looking at the most...
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‘I can’t disagree strongly enough with the perception of too many migrants’

OPINION: Immigration is fast becoming a beat-up in the pre-election political football match. Europe arguably has a migrant crisis. New Zealand doesn't, although politicians would probably disagree. OPINION: Immigration is fast becoming a beat-up in the pre-election...
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How many people do you want living in New Zealand?

Firstly an admission - personally I don’t want 10 million people living in New Zealand which is how many the current rate of immigration will deliver in 40 years. One of the things I love about coming back here from overseas is the fact that we have so much space. But...
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Revealed: The world’s happiest, safest and richest countries

The world's most prosperous country? It's New Zealand (again) Credit: shirophoto - Fotolia The Global Prosperity Index , published each year by the London-based Legatum Institute, ranks 149 of the world’s nations according to nine key sub-indices - but with a whopping...
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